Membership in our choir does have its rewards and responsibilities. As you can see, we’ve presented this section simply to give you a sense of how little we ask our members. Perhaps that’s why our committed and generous members give so much of themselves and in turn receive the immeasurable reward of a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

Membership has its Rewards

Once you become a member you’ll enjoy many added benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Best Seat in the House: Although much of our time during church services is spent singing, when we’re not, you’ll enjoy the best seat in the house! The large choir loft, one of three within our church, is located at the back and sits high above the congregation and members often have the most spectacular view of each and every service.
  • SSF Choir Family: Membership in our choir instantly makes you a member of the Serbian Singing Federation. You’ll suddenly become a part of a network of choirs with home parishes located in cities right across North America. So whether you’re from San Diego or Steubenville or Kansas City or Windsor, you’re one voice joining with over five-hundred other “brace I sestre”.
  • Community Contributor: As a member of the choir you also become an active member of the All Serbian Saints Church community. People will recognize you and you in turn will become more familiar with fellow parishioners. You’ll feel more a part of the growing spirit of our young and vibrant Serbian Community.
  • Serbian Networking: Our members are always kept abreast of everything happening in our community. Our members also come from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds and professions making us one of the most connected groups amongst Serbian people living in the greater Toronto area.

Membership has its Responsibilities

Here are few of the requests we make of all of our members:

  • Attendance: Members are asked to attend choir rehearsals and church services as often as possible. We totally understand that many of our members work unusual or lengthy hours and we further appreciate that members also have family commitments that may prevent them from attending choir rehearsals and services. Attendance is taken to determine how active a member actually is. Members with low attendance figures may be asked to refrain from singing at certain concerts until their ability to sing a piece meets that of other choir members.
  • Participation: Choir members are often asked to participate in choir fundraisers or community events. This may involve preparing a plate of baked goods once every three or four months, serving guests at a banquet, or simply acting as a goodwill ambassador at a church sanctioned event. Members are asked to do this out of the goodness of their hearts, and no one is ever obliged to participate. All of our current members will attest to the fact that this spirit of giving is rewarding and gives everyone a sense of togetherness and belonging!
  • Dues: Members are asked to contribute a $ 25.00 Choir Due fee each year. This sum can be paid off over the full twelve month period and monies collected help offset the costs of uniforms, music, supplies and travel expenses.

For further information, please send an e-mail to our Choir Secretary

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